Glute Lift

Slimming and remodelling cream

Toning action on glutes and thighs. It ensures an effective slimming and remodelling action, it helps counteract saggy skin and reduce orange peel skin effect.


• VEGETABLE STEM CELL COMBINATION: extracts of Vegetable Stem Cells have been selected from Echinacea, Centella and Celery that, in synergy, ensure incredible results: they give tone and elasticity to your skin, keeping it fully hydrated and prevent the formation of unaesthetic stretch marks.


CAFFEINE: reduces fatty deposits, with an intense lipo-reducing action.


• SEA WATER LOTUS: lipolytic and anti-oxidant action that helps reduce orange peel skin effect.


• VEGETABLE SOY PROTEINS: give an immediate sensation of tone and elasticity, and deeply nourish your skin.

Results after 14 days*

• Improved skin firmness.

• Improved skin elasticity.


Results after 28 days*

• Reduced roundness: reduction of fatty deposits.

• “Push-up” effect: firm and toned glutes.

• Imperfections due to cellulite are diminished: reduced visibility of orange peel skin.

*Results obtained on 20 subjects in effectiveness tests carried out by University Institutions.

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